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     As a young Child, I grew up in a home where natural Ingredients are believed to replace all manner of Medicines.  My parents totally believed in the efficiency of natural Products to cure every health condition and it was almost impossible for anyone in my home to visit the Hospital as a result of this belief. These Trado-medicines did work wonders in the lives of everyone in my Home.  

    As I grew up, I came to the understanding that God has given Mankind all that is required to live a naturally  healthy life. Now knowing the efficiency of natural herbs otherwise referred to as Trado-medicalism, I did further research on how to use Herbs to for a healthy life and I am very passionate to share these with others including you.  

    Everyone is highly welcome to this website.  It doesn’t really matter where you live, your nationality or language;  what we do in this Domain is beneficial to all Mankind. I want to also encourage you to use natural Recipes and natural Products instead of Chemically manufactured Products or Medicines that has in most cases adverse effects on your body as well as health.  

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Joy Agboghidi