Best Ways to Keep Your Boots from Hurting Your Feet

Best Ways to Keep Your Boots from Hurting Your Feet

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Boots are among humankind’s best constructions, providing the comfiest, coolest, and snuggest care for everyone’s feet! Boots are not only tough enough to take on the world but are also flexible enough to match any outfit you choose as you take on the world.   

However, like all good things, wearing boots can hurt. But would that be enough to let go of such baddies? Definitely not! Any Texan knows the benefits of a good pair of boots far outweigh the time it takes to break them in. So, here are the best ways to wear them without hurting your feet:

Wear Thick Socks

Socks do not suck! Wearing thicker socks not only provides an extra layer of cushioning but also facilitates moisture-wicking action that prevents blisters by causing the feet to slip less.

Wearing thicker socks can especially provide relief to the pain of wearing sleek, steel-toe boots.

Put Insoles in Your Boots

Insoles or shoe inserts also keep your boots from hurting your feet. Shoe inserts, like socks, provide an additional layer of cushioning to the forefeet and heels. Shoe inserts also maintain your body’s natural alignment by supporting the arches of your feet, thereby stabilizing your feet. Furthermore, shoe inserts provide good shock absorption qualities.

If you do not like adding a pair of thick socks to your look, insoles or shoe inserts are for you! 

Wear Them Around the House at Night

Sometimes, all that your boots need is some time. When you finally break your boots in, they will mold perfectly to the shape of your feet, and they will be the comfiest pair you will ever wear.

As said, the breaking-in process may take time. Okay, maybe even with a few blisters. But, the comfort at the end of this process should be enough to endure the temporary pain. 

To facilitate the breaking-in process, you must apply baby oil to your boots, day-in and day-out. Wear your boots whenever you have the chance. Stomp them around your house or flaunt them when going for short walks. It will not be easy, but consistently doing these things will fully break in your boots in no time.

Soak Your Feet

Working hard to break in your boots can cause blisters, cracked heels, calluses, and dry, peeling skin. Give your feet the rest they deserve by soaking them in warm water. To add to the pampering, rewarding your feet after those coastal hikes for all the work that they are doing, you may add healthy ingredients such as baking soda and essential oils to the warm water. Soak for at most 15 minutes, exfoliate, then moisturize. Now, your feet are ready for another day of outfit perfection!

Toe Guards

Toe guards are beneficial for preventing or mitigating the pain of bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other muscle tension-induced foot pain. Toe guards are little gadgets, usually made of silicone, placed in between the toes to stretch and loosen muscle tension. Ensuring that your toes remain straight, toe guards work to relieve any pressure or tension from your foot joints. 

Soak Your Boots

For some good news, you do not always have to endure the pain of breaking your boots in. Instead of wearing your boots day and night to break them in, you can try a relatively painless method: soaking them in water. To soak your boots properly, follow these steps:

Check for laces, cardboard, or tissue shoe inserts from your boots. If there are any, remove them. 

Wear your boots and turn on the shower. Once it has reached your desired temperature, step into the shower and assume a comfortable position.

Stay in the shower for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Stay under the stream of water and allow it to fill your boots while your feet are still in them.

Still wet at this point, wear your boots until the water runs out or until they get dried out naturally.   

Once your boots turn dry, you will notice that they are more comfortable to wear, and the fit is all better.

A word of caution, though, not all boots must be soaked in water. To avoid the more painful act of damaging your boots, check with the manufacturer first.


Breaking in boots is not easy. It requires time, effort, and a tolerable amount of discomfort from time to time. However, you can undertake some of the tips above to expedite the process. After all, these minor inconveniences will amount to nothing compared to the joy of comfortably parading your boots before the world.

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