Health Is Wealth During A Pandemic: Student Shares Experience With “The Medical Medium Protocol.”

Health Is Wealth During A Pandemic: Student Shares Experience With “The Medical Medium Protocol.”

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Happy New Year Maui! The holidays are over, but we are still amidst a global pandemic. Many like to rush out after the holidays to healthy juice bars to try to flush out toxins and intake healthy nutrients after much holiday eating and drinking. I work part-time as a barista in a coffee and juice bar- health is especially a priority now, and could mean the difference between life and death during a pandemic. Personally, I began on a deep wellness journey 5 months ago by following a protocol that carries notes of Hippocrates famous quote “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” In this article I share my experience of why learning of a book called “Medical Medium Liver Cleanse,” by Anthony Williams was one of the healthiest and worthwhile discoveries I have ever made for myself.
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It started with a personal decision to embark on an all natural lifestyle. That meant ridding my life of unhealthy or unnatural toxins, one of them being birth control. I took birth control for years, mostly because I suffered with extremely painful periods. I was determined to find balance and function on my own without synthetic hormones. Doctors had pointed me in the direction of medications but I wanted to take a natural approach, so I scoured the internet in search of testimony from others who have healed similar issues holistically and saw that it was possible. My mom suggested I read a book she had- “Medical Medium Liver Cleanse,” by Anthony Williams. After browsing thousands of testimonies shared by healed humans, I decided to take the journey.

According to The Medical Medium, spirit has made him aware of the true root cause of illness. Over time, we spend our lives indulging in unhealthy food, and using items and products that contain toxic heavy metals and other poisons and chemicals. These “no” foods and heavy metals feed bacteria and viruses that build up a toxic gunk within our organs, mainly our liver. Our liver is responsible for filtering out everything that passes through. Eventually this bacterial gunk begins to spread and cause chronic illnesses and symptoms ranging from skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis to adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, digestive issues and many more. An individual’s condition varies widely depending on how much and what type of bacteria has become dominant within your body. He pinpoints a virus called Streptococcus as one of the main bacterial gunk culprits but there are thousands of strains of viruses within. In essence, the liver is tired of being fed the “no” foods, and the gunk build up eventually causes harm from the deepest within that then shows on the surface. The book is broken down into parts and begins by explaining the connections between food and illnesses. It later shares how you can heal illnesses and find balance overall. It even provides recipes, cleanses within this cleanse, and easy ways to make this a complete lifestyle change.

Williams’ approach is to starve the viruses and bacterial gunk within by creating a detoxed inner environment. To do that, you need to eat “yes” foods and discontinue use of any products containing heavy toxic chemicals. Yes foods are medicinal foods that do not cause harm and instead contribute to healing the body. His protocol consists of “The Medical Medium Morning,” supplementing with herbal supplements, cleansing and resting. You should avoid foods that feed illness-causing viruses. Avoid anything containing soy, gluten, corn, canola oil, processed foods and refined sugars. Lower your fat and starches intake, such as rice, fatty oils, nuts, meats, and other proteins to just once a day. Your main food source while healing should be an abundance of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Williams provides herbal supplement prescriptions for each ailment as a component to the healing protocol. Following the protocol will strengthen your body and its ability to heal and fight off illness or any chronic conditions.
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Begin each day with the medical medium morning by first drinking room temperature lemon water to clear the liver of the previous nights gunk. After 15 minutes, drink 16 ounces of plain celery juice, which slowly kills off the inner gunk. After 15 minutes, have a fruit smoothie and take your prescribed supplements. The recipe for a daily detox smoothie can be found in the book “Liver Cleanse.” After completing these 3 things in the morning, you can then indulge in a protein meal that excludes the “no” foods.
Photograph Provided By Aysha Jarnesky
Photograph Provided By Aysha Jarnesky

My Experience:

I’ve been on the protocol for about 5 months, and I feel a huge difference in my overall being. The condition I have is slowly healing- coming off the pill caused me to have acne, constipation and insomnia. I feel the progress from deepest down in my body. I sleep better and I have more energy. I weigh less, and there’s been significant change in my digestion system. My mind is clearer, and I feel faster on my feet. An added bonus for me was that this protocol aligned with my values spiritually as well as physically. I chose to become vegan in addition to following the protocol for personal moral and ethical reasons. When I began to align my body and health, I became aligned in other aspects of my life. It allowed me to take control of my life and learn to practice discipline. This protocol is actually a lifestyle change. It’s a choice to become attentive to your body, an invitation to treat your body with love and compassion rather than just stuffing it with toxins and unhealthy foods. I gained an awareness now, whereas before I never thought twice about if the food I ate was good for me or not. The physical, spiritual and mental discipline I gained has set me on a path to true deep healing inside and out. I can feel it all around. I eat, shop, and overall live my life more consciously with an emphasis on self-love and compassion.
Photograph Provided By Aysha Jarnesky

If you would like to take charge of your being, and start the new year of right- I suggest you search up “The Medical Medium.” Although he is not a doctor or medical professional, he is endorsed by many including celebrities. His social media is filled with thousands of reviews and testimony of healed persons. His book can feel a bit wordy at times, but ultimately I pulled from it what I needed to. From the way I feel today, I believe this protocol really works and will continue to follow it throughout my life. If you are serious about wanting change, healing, and optimal health, I believe this is a great starting point.

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