KINDLY and ASUVI put to sweat test

KINDLY and ASUVI put to sweat test

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As someone who considers themselves a VSP (Very Sweaty Person), the thought of switching to natural deodorant was daunting.As a VSP I regularly double back home if I forget to put deodorant on and would never consider “skipping” my antiperspirant, even on a cool day.

But I became intrigued by the recent burst in natural offerings after hearing anecdotes from friends who swore the change had just made them feel somehow better.

As someone who used to hack their armpit hair to death with a razor daily during their teens (thanks, society’s impossible beauty standards!) the thought of rehabilitating my poor underarms was appealing.
I decided to try two different natural deodorants for the switch: KINDLY and ASUVI.

KINDLY’s deodorant comes in a rollerball form and contains divine-smelling ingredients like vanilla extract and essential oils, while ASUVI’s stick version has the added bonus of being refillable.

The night before the big switch I decided to also try KINDLY’s armpit detox mask, which was instantly worth it for the look on my boyfriend’s face when I came out of the bathroom with black sludge on my pits.

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KINDLY recommends using the mask every day for the first 14 days on natural deodorant, and then about once a week.

While it was a charcoal mask, it wasn’t too messy to use and left my armpits feeling fresh afterwards.

I’m not going to lie, the first day I used natural deodorant I was a paranoid mess — I made my colleague who sits next to me pinky swear to tell me if I gave off the slightest whiff of BO.

Every time I went to the bathroom I used it as an opportunity to sniff my underarms, just to double check that it was still working.

I also felt, ahem, sweatier than usual under my arms which took some getting used to at first — although I’m not sure if that was just because I was feeling extra anxious about the potential smell.

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Everything seemed to be working fine until day five when I discovered some breakthrough smell — unpleasant but not quite BO — when I came home from work and did my usual bathroom sniff check.

I would later find out that breakthrough smell while switching to natural is completely normal and you can actually blame your antiperspirant for it.

“Once you switch to a natural deodorant and stop using aluminium to clog all those underarm glands, some people may find they go through an initial ‘detox’ period, where they sweat or smell more than usual,” KINDLY founder Lisa Raciti explained. .

“It’s not that your natural deodorant isn’t working, it’s simply the body expelling all of those toxins and gunk that have been trapped in your armpits all this time.”

What is natural deodorant?

The biggest difference between a natural deodorant and a regular one is sweat, as an antiperspirant is designed to stop you from perspiring.

“They do this by blocking the sweat glands with aluminium, and a number of other ingredients, as well as synthetic fragrance to try and mask any odour,” Ms Raciti said.

“A natural deodorant is instead made from only natural ingredients and is designed to stop odour, but will still allow your body to breathe and release toxins naturally.”

Ms Raciti said while you “may still sweat” using a natural deodorant, it “was your friend”.

“By switching to a natural deodorant, you are allowing your body to function in the way it was designed,” she said.

“Most people also find that once their body has fully adjusted to natural deodorant, that they actually sweat less, as the body is better able to regulate itself.”

The verdict on natural deodorant

After nearly two months on natural deodorant, the difference in my underarms is mind-blowing.
I wish I had taken a before shot (although I’m sure no-one wants to see a close-up of my pits) because the skin is so much smoother to the touch and looks happier.

It took about four weeks for me to stop experiencing breakthrough smell and I’ve since taken to reapplying deodorant at lunchtime on warmer days.

The only cons are that you need to use a lot more of the product to get full coverage and no matter how long I left it to dry, both brands did leave marks on my clothes.

The real winner has been the armpit detox mask which I now use at least once a week, the cooling sensation from the charcoal is strangely satisfying and it leaves a delicious scent afterwards.

The whole experience has also made me feel less paranoid about my whole Very Sweaty Person status — it’s normal to sweat, literally everyone does it and if you don’t, you’re dead.

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