Neem tablets & capsules for immunity, blood purification & more | Most Searched Products

Neem tablets & capsules for immunity, blood purification & more | Most Searched Products

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If you are looking for natural immunity boosters, there are plenty of options available for you these days. You must be aware of the medicinal properties of neem and want to gain the benefits of these leaves. But, consuming neem is not an easy task. Both fresh neem leaves and neem juice are difficult to consume because of the bitter taste. But, you can gain the health benefits of neem easily with the help of neem tablets and capsules.

To help you buy a pack of neem tablets or capsules, we have a list of some of the most trusted choices available online in India. Have a look at this list and pick the right immunity booster for your family.

Popular neem tablets and capsules and their quantities per bottle


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Whether you are looking for a blood purifier or an immunity booster, this pack of neem tablets by Himalaya Wellness can be a good option to consider. These tablets are known for their anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and blood purifying properties to help you get healthy and glowing skin. You can take 1-2 tablets every day as instructed by your physician.

The shelf life of this pack is 2 years from the date of manufacturing and the jar contains 60 tablets for your health and immunity.

When it comes to healthcare products, Jiva is another popular name in India. This pack of neem tablets by the brand can be another good choice to help you get healthy skin naturally. These tablets keep your digestive system healthy, control worm infestation in the intestines and give a boost to your overall immunity.

These tablets have anti-inflammatory properties and are free from any coating or filming. So, you need not think too much while consuming these neem tablets.

If you prefer taking capsules as immunity boosters, this pack of neem capsules by Organic India can be a good option to consider. These capsules will help your body cope with various viral and bacterial infections that can affect your health. These capsules will even make your respiratory system stronger to fight the initial traces of cold and cough easily.

The pack contains 180 capsules. These capsules can even help you treat the problem of oral ulcers to an extent.

In the market of healthcare products and supplements, Patanjali is another trusted name in India. These tablets help give a boost to your immune system and even make your skin healthier. Since these tablets are great for the digestive system, you can have them without worrying about upsetting your stomach.

Regular intake of these neem tablets can even you get healthier skin.

These neem capsules by Morpheme Remedies can be another good option for blood purification, immunity and healthy metabolism. These capsules support healthy skin and eliminate the skin troubles that are often caused due to blood impurities. Since these are vegetarian capsules, they can be consumed by almost everyone without thinking too much.

These capsules are not meant for children. Prefer consulting your physician about the dosage before you start taking these capsules regularly.

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