Six Super detox Drinks to Promote Weight loss Faster

Six Super detox Drinks to Promote Weight loss Faster

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One can easily prepare Detox drinks at home, instead of buying varied Detox tea’s or other drinks from stores, in order to reap health benefits.

An important consideration, one should be aware that, Detox drinks are just mere drink, one should also try to nosh on good foods and also move your body as well.

Detox drinks are definitely perfect options which can easily included in our daily diet regime. You can infuse water with herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables to make detox drink, this will help flush out toxins from our body.

For the unversed, proper detoxification is necessary for every human body, so that one can have overall health. These detox drinks are nutrient rich.

1. First Detox Drink we will learn to prepare is, Detox Haldi tea

Haldi is considered as a storehouse of nutrients and it helps promote overall health. This tea might also help improve digestion, metabolism as well as help in promoting weight loss.

Ingredients, you would require to make Detox Haldi Tea

• Half teaspoon of Haldi

• Half teaspoon of ginger, chopped

• One-fourth teaspoon of black pepper

• One teaspoon of honey

• Two cups of water

How to make Detox Haldi tea?

• Take a vessel and add water, then heat it

• Bring to simmer and add all other ingredients

• Stir well

• You must ensure you boil until it reduces to half

• Serve hot

Second Detox Drink

Honey Lemon Ginger Tea

The sweetness of honey as well as sharp flavour of ginger might offer a refreshing twist to this drink. Besides, it might also help treat cough, cold and sore throat.

Ingredients you require

• One cup of water

• One tea spoon of Ginger, finely chopped

• One tea spoon of tea leaves, for every cup

• One tea spoon lemon juice

• One tea spoon honey

How to make honey-lemon ginger tea?

• In a pan, you must add nearing to three cups of water,

• Next step, before it begins to boil you must add ginger

• Just as it begins to boil, you must add tea leaves, lemon juice and also honey

• Strain it into a cup and then enjoy.

Third Detox Drink

Orange cucumber Detox Drink

You can easily prepare this detox drink and you can fill it in a bottle and use it any time of the day. To make this drink, you would be requiring some basic ingredients which is readily available in your kitchen, they include cucumber, orange, lemon, ginger and mint leaves.

Quantity of the ingredients

• About 10 grams of orange slice

• 5 grams of lemon slice

• 10 grams of pineapple cubes.

• 10 grams of cucumber cubes

• 10 grams fresh ginger slice

• 2 gms of mint leaves

• 2 cups of ice cubes

• 200 ml of water

How to make this orange cucumber detox drink?

Soak all these ingredients in water for an half an hour and then strain the water.

Fourth Detox Drink

Mint Lemon Coconut Water

Coconut water is credited for its rich nutrient profile, which adds to its goodness. Coconut water based drink also includes vitamin c as well as antioxidant rich lemon and mint in it.

Ingredients needed

• One coconut

• Mint leaves

• One tablespoon of honey

• One lemon

How to make this detox drink?

• Break the coconut and then empty water in it

• And then scrape the coconut meat using a spoon

• Chop it finely and then add to coconut water

• Then mint, honey and lemon juice and also lemon as well.

• Mix, stir well and then serve.


This one is the Fifth, Detox drink.

This detox drink is delicious and it is filled with both goodness of lemon, it is also healthy. This

Detox drink is refreshing and it cools you down in no time. The best part is, you can easily make in mere just two minutes.

• 5 lemons whole

• 3 bunch mint

• Half cup of honey

• Crushed ice

Mix all the ingredients, with it add lot of crushed ice in the blender and then serve.

Sixth Detox Drink

Orange, carrot, Ginger Detox Drink

This juice is packed with vitamin C, beta-carotene and fibre; this Detox drink might aid weight loss as well as digestion. It is very easy to make and you can have it any time of the day.

Ingredients you require to make this Detox drink

• One large carrot

• 2 oranges

• Half inch raw turmeric (crushed)

• Half inch ginger (crushed

• Half lemon (juiced)

How to make this Detox drink?

• Firstly, you need to juice, orange and carrot separately

• Then the next step, pour the juice in a blender and then add turmeric and ginger

• Blend it for about 30 seconds and squeeze half lemon

• Strain and then serve.

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