We went on a three-day juice cleanse: here’s how it went

We went on a three-day juice cleanse: here’s how it went

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Before I dive into the tale of my three-day cleanse, let me be clear about something. I’ve never done this before, nor have I researched what kind of reality awaits. 

After discovering I’d be taking on this assignment, I eagerly — and nervously — visited Jusu Juices’ site, a company with a sole mission of inspiring people to take control of their health and wellness by making better food choices, looking for my three-day juice cleanse. After what felt like a second, I was at the checkout, outfitted with what was to keep me alive and healthy for the next three days — it really was simple. 

Jusu Juice has done all the leg work for you, all I had to do was select the duration. 

With the order on its way, the nerves started to creep in. As I mentioned, I’ve never committed to a complete cleanse of this sort other than opting for a salad instead of pizza at dinner.

Day 1:

Start-of-day summary

Well, today is the day — goodbye food and my beloved, evening glass of red. 

Here’s a summary of how I think this is going to go: I started day one of my juice cleanse by Googling, “can you drink coffee on a cleanse?” The short answer to my query is no. 

Also discovered on this search was an interesting fact: for the days leading up to the cleanse, apparently I’m supposed to eat as raw and vegan as possible. I should avoid caffeine and alcohol, and minimize my sugar, processed foods, and gluten intake — “common sense things that will make the transition to juice-only for three days as graceful as possible.” Did I eat the biggest bowl of pasta last night and have a glass of wine? Absolutely I did. 

Drink 1: Good Vibrations

This healthy, antioxidant-rich morning starter is full of cucumber, chlorophyll, parsley, lemons, kale, ginger, and — to sweeten it up — apples. First thought — not too bad. It’s super cucumber-forward with minor hints of apple. Safe to say, I already feel healthier after that first juice. 

Drink 2: Blue Moon

That first sip hit the spot — I think we have a front-runner as to which drink will be my favourite. This one literally tastes like lemonade. 

And containing over 65 vitamins, blue-green algae, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids, this one not only tastes good, but it’s also extremely good for you.

Drink 3: Eye of the Tiger

I started to really feel hungry around 2 pm, so I quickly opened my Eye of the Tiger. This one is crisp, sweet, and citrusy while also tasty quite healthy.  

Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, apple, carrot, lemon, and turmeric, this one quickly took the silver as to which would be my favourite juice.  

Drink 4: Dancing in the Dark

Now comes the one I’ve been the most nervous to try — Dancing in the Dark. One word comes to mind when you drink this dark beverage: deliciously sour. Honestly, with more sips of this dark mysterious drink, more and more of the lemon flavour started seeping through.

With zeolite clay and activated charcoal, this one takes the cake for the most powerful detoxer in my six-juice lineup.

Drink 5: Welcome to the Jungle

How far we’ve come from the jungle juice I used to drink in university. This healthy bevy is jam-packed full of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.

Celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, bell pepper, and lemon-facing with this one. As I finished my last sip, I noticed this green juice did indeed curb my hanger.

Drink 6: Heart and Soul

This beet-forward juice was actually pretty delicious with its notes of carrot, beet, apple, celery, romaine, ginger, and lemon. To make it feel more like a nightcap, I poured this red liquid into a fancy wine glass — you better believe this is how I will consume this one from now on.

End-of-day summary

I made it through day one — what an accomplishment! The most noticeable symptom of the day was a wee bit of hunger. But you know that feeling that you have after you have hearty, healthy salads for the day — just overall pride in your choices — that’s how I’m feeling right now. 

The hardest part of today was when my fiancee and I went on an evening walk with our puppy around Lonsdale Quay. As we meandered past some of my local faves (cough* Burgoo cough*) I felt like one of Pavlov’s dogs. The smell was so strong I could almost taste the gooey grilled cheese, but I held strong and sauntered on. #veryproud

Day 2: 

Start-of-day summary

Energy level: 7/10

Well, I just had the best sleep I’ve had in a couple of months. I’m less hungry now than I was last night. I woke up actually feeling a lot more rested than I usually do, which was a pleasant surprise. My body is feeling quite energized, but my brain is definitely taking its time to catch up (that’s normal on a Saturday though). My rookie mistake from yesterday, however, was not drinking enough water — I think I only had one glass. 

End-of-day summary

For the most part, my hunger wasn’t too noticeable and the juices actually tasted even better today than yesterday… is that normal? I also noticed my craving changed substantially from yesterday to today — 24 hours ago, I was craving gooey grilled cheese with a side of truffle fries, but today it’s a crispy salad with chipotle chickpeas.

Day 3:

Start-of-day summary

Energy level: 9/10

Similar to yesterday, I had one of the deepest — and what felt like the longest — sleeps of my life. I woke up feeling energized and ready for the day. I even was excited about my first juice. 

End-of-day summary

Remember that person you just heard from in the prior paragraph? Well, that was a much more energized version of myself. I made the rookie mistake of having an exercise-packed weekend — nothing strenuous, just long walks — and it really stole my energy quickly.

As the sun sets, and I sip on my final juice of the day, I’m feeling quite tired and ready for bed. But I’m also feeling the benefits of this decision to go on a cleanse. What I’m craving now is the apples and peanut butter I’m going to have first thing and my steaming hot cup of Joe. 

Final thoughts

Well, it’s safe to say I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. My skin is brighter; my nails are looking shinier; my teeth are whiter (I don’t even know if these are intended benefits, but I’m definitely noticing them); overall, I just feel good. I also loved that there were no dishes to clean up all weekend — small wins are the best wins.

I think what made this cleanse easier was that these juices were delicious and offered a variety of flavours to keep me on my toes throughout the day. Again, I’ve never done a cleanse before, but I feel like for juices to keep you alive and make sure you have all the nutrients you need, they probably don’t usually have the best taste. I was pleasantly surprised with Jusu Juice. 

It’s no wonder the company has recently expanded after success in Victoria and Calgary. They now have their yummy cold-pressed juices in singles (I’m coming for you Blue Moon), and for one-, three-, and five-day cleanses. 

And these beverages can now be picked up at their Yaletown office or delivered right to your doorstep. 

If you’re wanting to try a cleanse for yourself after reading my adventure or just looking to try one (or more) of their six juices, visit their website at jusujuice.com.

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