We’ve learned a lot during COVID-19

We’ve learned a lot during COVID-19

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I am a family physician who has practiced in Santa Barbara for more than 30 years. 

I have followed many of my patients with a wide range of problems and events. None have matched the challenge of COVID-19. 

However, my optimism in our abundant resources for healing has not been diminished. I think we have been given many gifts with COVID in spite of the great suffering and loss of life.

As a society, we now know more about viruses than ever before. We know how to make a vaccine in record time. 

In November 2020, the co-founder of Moderna, Noubar Afeyan, said, “There was a sudden shift in the evolutionary balance between what human technology can do and what viruses can do. We may never have a pandemic again.”

The medical field has also learned how to prevent and treat serious virus illness more than ever before. We have identified many medications that have antiviral activities. Of course, more study has to be done to clarify how well they work, as well as how various risk factors and severity of illness affect their impact.

In addition, the medical field has begun to use common supplements like zinc and vitamin C more than ever before. In my own urgent concern to relieve suffering and enhance the healing process, I have become more aware of the antiviral properties of foods and herbs. 

Though more rigorous studies need to be done to clarify their use, many studies have indicated antiviral benefits with cat’s claw, cranberry, elderberry, astragalus, ginger root, oregano, garlic, echinacea and turmeric. In general, these substances are safe with appropriate use and may help augment efforts to prevent and treat early symptoms of viral illness.

Even celery juice has antiviral properties. I am especially impressed with the attention to celery juice and viral protection provided by Anthony William. Though not medically trained, he generously provides helpful information on how to be healthy. 

He has a web site (www.medicalmedium.com) with free advice on viral protection, viral treatment and the Healing Path, which is a list of 18 steps for how to be well. I recommend this source for those looking for more ways to be healthy and prevent disease in addition to that provided by their primary care provider.

More than 70% of medications are from nature or are nature-inspired. We may have only touched the surface of what is possible for prevention and treatment of many of our disease conditions.

Dr. James L. Kwako, M.D.

Santa Barbara

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