Woman puts turmeric mask on and whole face turns yellow

Woman puts turmeric mask on and whole face turns yellow

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Not the kind of glow you want (Picture: Lauren Jennie)

With constant mask-wearing wreaking havoc on our skin, we may be looking for at-home beauty solutions.

But one woman’s DIY treatment went really wrong after it completely changed her complexion.

Lauren Jennie said her skin had been really bad in the last few weeks and wanted to try out different options to try to fix it.

When the performing artist came across a turmeric face mask suggestion, she realised she had all the ingredients at home.

Lauren then applied a turmeric-infused mixture to her skin, before realising that mixing it left her hand all yellow.

At this point, the singer dreaded what her face looked like and picked up the camera to explain the situation to TikTok.

Lauren then revealed her post-mask face and, of course, her face was stained too.

Just before she was due to head out for the family shop. Great.


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Lauren told followers; ‘I’ve been breaking out in spots all over my face, but mainly across my lip line. 

‘And I really don’t want to squeeze them because it’s so so sore.

‘So me being me, I’m researching ways to get rid of it and help my skin out. 

‘And I come across this DIY turmeric face mask that I could literally go downstairs and make right now in my kitchen. So I did.

Not what you want (Picture: Lauren Jennie)

‘It’s got benefits for like acne, wrinkles and skin irritation. So I was like yeah let’s go.

‘But the thing is I’ve just applied it to my face and my entire hand has turned yellow. When I take this off I’m going to resemble the moon.’

With her face stained yellow, Lauren decided to wear the same coloured top to distract from the glow on her face.

She also scrubbed a lot more until the yellow was less intense.

Lauren scrubbed until the colour was less obvious (Picture: Lauren Jennie)

The whole thing gave viewers a good laugh. One person wrote: ‘When people say they want their skin to glow I don’t think this is what they’re after. Thank you for the chuckles.’

Someone else wrote: ‘That is one of the best natural dyes… I’m surprised it came off at all!’

A third added: ‘I did this a few years ago, took about 4-5 days to fade completely.’


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